Virginia Bed and Breakfast
An avenue of towering red maples serves as your welcoming committee at the North River Inn. Standing tall and stately, these silent sentinels guide you up the lane to the place you'll call home during your stay. Surrounded on three sides by salt water, the North River Inn sits majestically on 100 acres of Virginia countryside in the historic Tidewater region off the Chesapeake Bay. Out here, where the land meets the water and the present meets the past, you'll have a rare glimpse of life as it once was in rural Virginia . . . unhurried, gracious, and breathtakingly beautiful. Established as the 17th century estate of sea captain Thomas Todd, these broad fields stretching down to the tidal river have been farmed for more than 350 years. Toddsbury, the original home on the property, is a National Register and Virginia Historic Landmark house, which today serves as the private home of the Montague family who own and operate the Inn.