Picture of delights

The New Look of Breakfast

Our breakfast service has been reimagined! After extensive research and feedback from the health department and our returning guests, we are thrilled to offer a new take on breakfast: the breakfast picnic!

Your personal breakfast picnic will be available each morning starting at 6am. It will be waiting for you downstairs in the guest refrigerator for you to enjoy at your convenience. Bring your breakfast picnic along on an early morning hike, enjoy it on the front porch in a rocking chair or bring it up to your room!

What's inside of this breakfast picnic?

We will be serving our guest-favorite homemade yogurt (made with local milk from Mill's Rivery Creamery), our secret-recipe granola, fruit, hard boiled eggs, a daily sweet treat and and afternoon snack of cheddar cheese and homemade crackers! We hope to start off your day with a full stomach and heart.

Mill's River Creamery

Every week we have a fresh milk delivery from Mills River Creamery. Their Half & Half is divine and we make homemade yogurt and butter from the milk!

When will sit-down breakfast return?

The short answer: we don't know. Our intimate dining space has made it very challenging for us to predict the future of seated breakfast at the inn. The good news? Many returning guests LOVE our picnic breakfast and have requested that it remain an option even if we return to breakfast service.

Single Source Coffee & Maple Syrup

Our incredible maple syrup comes from one single farm in Vermont and is delivered by the Green Mountain Maple Company in their 1961 International Harvester Metro Van!

Our incredible coffee from Pisgah Coffee Roasters is directly and ethically traded and locally roasted in Black Mountain, NC.